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GardenRant edition. The original is archived right here.

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  • In Illegal Activity: Start ’em young, Andrea Bellamy confesses to loose morals and inducting her infant daughter into the netherworld of guerrilla gardening.  With photographic evidence, like the one of Lila wearing her "bad-ass black cap".
  • If there’s any doubt that flame weed-killers are dangerous, this story on Ellis Hollow should dispel it.  (And while you’re there, don’t miss the wonderful Ditty Bops.)
  • Mr. Subjunctive takes us on a tour of flood-ravaged garden plants in Iowa, then shows us more photos of destruction in Cedar Rapids.
  • There’s a wonderful first-anniversary story at Deep Middle, with wedding photo.
  • And Pam Penick tours the Northeast, visits our own Michele Owens, and confirms that Washington, D.C. is going to the dogs.  Despite murderous weather, she got her usual great photos.

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Photo: the truly unsustainable gardening feature in my next-door neighbors’ garden.  But man, do the birds and I love it.


  1. The water feature thing is a real problem out here in the far west — we’ve had issues with out-of-staters building their Montana log dream homes and then bulldozing out ponds. Problem is that they don’t have the water rights to fill them. There’s a big lawsuit in a drainage just south of town because a landowner used water from the hose to fill a pond. Well, the hose water came a well that was common to the six or so houses built on what used to be a hayfield and the well went dry. People come out here and want to deny that this is high desert — we get about 16 inches of rain a year — they all want their log palace with a pond or a creek and a mountain view and don’t seem to understand that water rights are serious, complicated, and not something to mess around with. So, if we can get a little help from the EPA to stop the pond-ification of the ranchette developments, well, that would be a good thing. Of course, the other tradition of the west is a deeply-rooted libertarian belief in the sanctity of property rights, so we’re probably still going to be plagued by bad ponds evaporating out there on the flats where they don’t belong.

  2. Well, they just recycle the same water if properly constructed. So it’s not all that bad (says the pond owner).

    I tried to comment on your but couldn’t, so here I will say that I always move plants in July, sometimes with horrible results. But now I have 3 hard cases that even I fear to move. You’ll see them.

  3. One of the reasons I don’t have benches and furniture in my garden is because I have mosquitoes.

    We thought about putting a bench in our “contemplative garden” but nixed it. It would end up being covered with bird poop and its only use would be a place for you to sit down while you swat at the mosquitoes.

    I have porches with fans and screens so that I can enjoy my gardens (mostly) mosquito free.

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