A GardenRant Salute for Todd Bachman


You’ve probably all heard about the American who was murdered on the opening day of the Olympics; what you may not know was that he was Todd Bachman, CEO of Bachman’s Floral, Home, & Garden in Minneapolis. This is a local chain of floral and garden centers in the Minneapolis/St Paul area; I’ve interviewed Bachman’s staff members several times over the years for magazine articles. 

I have yet to make it to Minneapolis to visit one of their stores, but I know that Bachman’s is well-respected and well-loved, and has worked hard over the decades to remain a viable independent garden center.  They’ve brought food, flowers, furnishings, gifts, and decor into the mix, but everyone I’ve spoken to there is a plant lover at heart.  It’s been a family-run business since 1885.

The family has set up a memorial website with more information here.  I can’t even imagine what they’re going through after this awful tragedy.  The garden community has lost one of its own.  Mrs. Bachman is still recovering from her injuries; we wish her and her family healing and strength.


  1. Amy, thank you for posting this. For as long as I can remember, Bachman’s has been one of the premier nurseries/florists in Minneapolis. When you see that signature lavender delivery van coming, you know someone has ordered you flowers! Bachman’s has a reputation for good plants and they stand behind their products. It’s on my regular list of places to go whenever I have a few bucks for a new plant, and I suppose half the plants in my garden are from Bachman’s. I don’t know the family personally, but from all accounts they are lovely people who have done a lot for the community. It is very, very sad.

  2. I was fortunate enough to know Todd and to have served on a number of committees with him. He was an extremely thoughtful and kind person who will be greatly missed. He donated a great deal of time and money to many organizations including the University of Minnesota. It really stinks when a good person dies for no good reason….

  3. I grew up with Bachman’s as THE local nursery. I can easily recall the purple containers and gift wrap, and even bought some things there when I visited the family in May. Just such another stupid tragedy in the world.

  4. Thank you for this posting. I heard about the murder but did not realize who it was. I toured Bachman’s a few years ago when the GWA Regional meeting was in Minneapolis. A wonderful business with a great reputation. Sitting on my bookshelf among all my garden tomes is a silver-colored leather purse shaped like a watering can with a big “rose” spout. The purse handle is the watering can handle. It elicits much laughter when I use it and I almost missed the tour bus while I was in Bachman’s shop buying it. A souvenir that will now have a whole new meaning.

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