1. I have to speak up for grandmothers everywhere, especially those of us who garden! Just because our children have procreated, doesn’t mean that we’ve lost our libido or that we can’t have a little X-rated fun… 🙂

    A reminder to all of you that this is the last week of the contest to help me pick out photos for my book, “Sustainable Gardening for Florida.” I’m giving away two books, and since only 15 of you have responded so far, your odds are very good. Here’s the link back to that topic: https://www.gardenrant.com/my_weblog/2008/07/help-pick-pics.html

    On Friday, the 15th, it’s over. Also if you have responded, and there is not a link back to a website, please let me know how to get in contact with you. I look forward to a big surge this week. Thanks very much.

  2. Way to go Ginny! I’m a grandma too and I’m all for x rated fun. The garden is one of the sexiest places anyway, right? All that wanton pollinating.

  3. On behalf of grannies like me — before you get to be a granny, you get to be a mother, and I seem to remember some pre-conditions for motherhood and I don’t mean jogging strollers.

    Lovely surprise in the garden, and I would love to have someone like that lying in my pansy patch.

  4. MY EYES,MY EYES!OK,I get it,Grandmothers can be sexy too.I dont think that partucular Statue would work in my Garden,though.

  5. If thine eye offend thee, Benjamin, pluck it out. There is every possibility that your parents AND grandparents and even your ancestors before them had (gasp) sex. Maybe they even enjoyed it.

    I do like that sculpture. Very relaxing.

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