More on Mass Hort


More news on the situation at Mass Hort

One of the commenters on our original post was an 18 year-old college student who is out $3500 that he had hoped to use for tuition this fall.  He’s gotten some coverage locally, and the Boston Globe has picked up the story, reporting that the group is "reorganizing its finances and expects to start sending out checks to vendors by the end of next month."  To raise funds, the article reports, Mass Hort may " sell off some of its $8 million in assets, which includes books, stocks, and bonds."  It will probably take a while to straighten out the mess–apparently the group didn’t file its 2007 tax returns, suggesting bigger problems than a low bank balance.


  1. Amy, that’s so frustrating.

    BUT, I’ve recommended you as the speaker with a lecture series on the SF Peninsula and I hope that will come through.
    Let’s all recommend Amy to organizations who actually pay their speakers (preferably big ;->)

  2. Amy: I did write B. Madsen a note inviting her on the local gardening talk show which I co-host on Boston’s talk radio, WRKO, to discuss Mass Hort and the problems and possible solutions but I did not even get a reply. My co-host ‘ranted’ on air about the mismanagement and the intern you mentioned. Mass Hort could have taken the invitation for some good press but alas, they missed an opportunity. I hope your situation is resolved favorably.

  3. The problems with Mass Hort are not small and may not be solvable. I went on about the issue on my blog but it’s clear that there are buckets bailing the Titanic.

    Perhaps my favorite comment was from MHS trustee, Holly Perry, in the Worcester Telegram: “We made the decision to at least have Custer’s Last Stand [to save Mass Hort].”

    They decided to have Custer’s Last Stand? Did that end well?

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