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August 2008, GardenRant Edition.  The whole thing, with sidebar, is archived right here.

In the News

  • Kudos to the Missouri Botanical Garden for their award-winning plastic pot recycling program [pdf].  Started in 1997, the program has kept 300 tons of hort waste out of

  • Treehugger reports some good news about
    – that it improves the soil and is looks promising as a  nonfood
    biofuel.  Speaking of fuel, can kudzu
    be turned into ethanol?
      How about giant miscanthus?
    It’s proving to yield more biofuel per acre than corn.

  • In more plant news, rubber is being produced from dandelions,
    which may turn out to be THE low-cost alternative to trees.
  • While there’s still no definitive explanation for the Colony Collapse
    Disorder of honeybees, bumblebees aren’t doing much better, reports Adrian
  • Troubled by deer in your garden?  Hey, it could be bears
    – the kind that attacks gardene

On the Blogs


  • SOME gardenbloggers are willing to go off-topic long enough to promote a candidate
    for office – like Craig at Ellis Hollow and Amanda at Kiss my Aster.  Others of us are keeping our political preferences a big secret.

New on Sustainable-Gardening

Exciting news: contributors! Like who?

  • Garden Lady C.L. Fornari wrote about her favorite "Carefree
    for sustainable gardeners.

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