Blogging 101 – the Missing GWA Hand-out


This is what the fabulous audience members at the Garden Writers blogging panel were supposed to receive as a handout – check it out!

Amy and I heard SO many requests for basic blogging info, and it’s all there in the hand-out Kathy Purdy assembled for last year’s GWA blogging panel.  It’s still great.

I can’t resist pointing you to "Ranting about Blogging Programs" that Kathy lists there, by yours truly.  In it I complain about WordPress, despite the excessive praise you may have read about it.  Here’s the key – if you’re super-geeky, great; it gives you total freedom.  If you’re a regular person, it can be hell.  With no support at all.  So consider yourself warned.  But Typepad?  We LOVE it. 

Now get blogging.


  1. I am a fairly new gardener and becoming quite obsessive with re-creating my backyard. I am putting in garden beds against “lawn” I do not want to use a landscape border edging, I have noticed in garden books the “cut” edge between lawn and beds, how is this actually done, how do I keep it up and prevent the soil from breaking down on the bed side?

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