A Day Late and a Bloom Short


Bloom Day in California–OK, so I’m a little late:


A few scraggly dahlias are left–this in spite of the fact that I almost never watered them…


My beloved Salvia confertiflora, which I am propagating right now in hopes of having much more next year….


And this crazy old fuchsia that seems to never STOP blooming.


  1. Feel lucky you live where fuschia can grow like that.

    They are wonderful plants.
    Meanwhile (sigh)the warm spell is over in NY and today is a dreary rainy day. Too riany to grill so I am strecthed out on the couch reading my BBQ books before I go to WKZE to record a garden show for Sunday morning

    The (plays with fire) TROLL

  2. Thank you, thank you for the ID on that Salvia! I bought one, unlabeled, at a farmers’ market in New Orleans, pre-Katrina. It struggled along here for a while and then went roots up. At least now I know what to look for!


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