An Economic Stimulus Package from Old House Gardens


This just in:

To help you through these dark days, we’ve put together
our special new “We’ll Bounce Back/Economic Stimulus” sampler. For $30
we’ll send you at least $50 worth of fabulous bulbs that we simply have
too many of this fall. Likely choices include ‘Little Witch, ‘Queen of
the North’ and ‘Maximus’ daffodils, ‘White Henryi’ and Formosa lilies,
‘Diana’ and ‘Columbine’ tulips, giant snowdrops, and Crocus
tommasinianus ‘Albus’. Actual choices will depend on what we have the
most of when we fill your order, but you can be sure you’ll get at
least $50 worth of wonderful heirlooms that are guaranteed to thrive in
your area.

I love it.  Get it while it lasts. They say zones 5-7 only, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t get by in zone 9…


  1. Most of these temperate bulbs do not do well in zone 9. I know from hard learned and expensive experience. Folks in zone 9 should plant bulbs that work well without freezing soil.

  2. Shipping charge is $6.00 — well within the normal range of shipping charges. I did it, and am now anxiously awaiting yet more bulbs for planting.

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