Another Blog Action Day Post:
LA’s South Central Farm



Here’s my Blog Action Day post about the long, heated battle between poor urban farmers and corrupt city officials (and their odious developer friends) over the right to grow food on 14 precious acres.  Plus how you can help.

Its updates an earlier Rant article about "The Garden," the award-winning documentary movie about the garden and the heroic fight to save it.


  1. I hope the morons who want the garden removed wil realize how much more it is going to cost to replace the pride, community good will and food than any tax money coming from any development.

    Shame on the scum whomever they are.

    The (grow baby grow) TROLL

  2. I’m saddened that the fight for South Central Farm is still going on. But then again, I’m happy that it hasn’t been bulldozed, that the urban farmers are still hanging in there.

    Huzzah, Blog Action Day to bring people’s attention to issues of overwhelming importance.

  3. I’m sorry to report that the South Central Farm HAS been bulldozed, and has been sitting empty for 2 full years now while the farmers are fighting to defeat the warehouse and get back to farming.

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