1. What is the plant in pots that will grow up that trellis? And can you please tell us how many sections are in the photo and how it’s anchored to the wall?

    I love the look, and the photos left me wanting to know more.

  2. This is by far a much more superior trellising system than the overpriced flimsy crap available to most gardeners.

    It looks to be a modular system that could be made into “walls” to frame an outdoor garden room.
    Great idea. Nay idea how we poor American gardeners can obtain this?

    The TROLL

  3. Oh my! For years I’ve looked for the perfect, unobtrusive trellis and never found just what I was looking for until I saw this post! I’m going to Ikea tomorrow to see if they have one in our area. I just love this one and will probably end up with about 10 sections for the area where I need the trellis.
    Thanks for posting!

  4. Kim, it’s jasmine in the pots–that outdoor corridor should smell heavenly at some point. I’m not sure how many sections there were, but I did find the trellis on Ikea’s website if you want to have a look.

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