Figs, Pawpaws, Satsumas and more


FigsEd Cullen’s story about The Satsuma Society – the community of citrus lovers who are drawn to his
Satsuma tree – is a fitting companion to my article about Growing Fruit Trees in the Mid-Atlantic Humidity Belt.  Check ’em out if you’re fruit-inclined. 

Photo credit: Edible Landscaping.


  1. I love satsumas. I have four trees in my yard, all different varieties. The trees are still young, but every fall they are totally loaded with fruit.

    I can go through 5 or 6 a day, though. They go pretty fast.

  2. We can’t grow satsumas in MD, but my parents had a tree in SW Georgia, and now my mom has one in her Florida yard – there is nothing like a satsuma just off the tree. No other citrus can compare.

  3. I love how he casually throws in a remark about giving away Meyer lemons too thereby underscoring that a) not only does he have one awesome citrus but two and b) his Meyer is so productive he has enough to give some away.

    Our Meyer’s few fruits are rather jealously guarded 🙂

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