Rock star farmers unite!



Introducing Serve Your Country Food, a promising new website intended to encourage "thousands of new growers of fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, dairy, and livestock to transform the landscape of sprawling development and corporate control into a
dignified, livable, and culturally rich mosaic of ecological farming." 

How?  By inducing young "rock star farmers" to sign up and be counted, help create databases and maps, learn how to talk to the media, and more.   

Granted, there are some really impressive young growers out there, like Rob at One Straw Revolution, profiled here on the Rant, who reminds me of singer Michael McDonald.  But why only YOUNG farmers?  Surely some of these new growers are Boomers, right?  Harrumph. 

Thanks to Mr. Subjunctive for the tip.


  1. I wonder why this “Rock Star Farmer” fails to pay homage to Masanobu Fukuoka and his 1985 clasic book: ONE STRAW REVOLUTION?

  2. Art lives forever, Chuck. I like Michael McDonald, although mentee Ron feels he ruins the Doobies. However, I saw him recently and he is a few decades part that pic, though still very handsome.

  3. Great……we have a rock star in the white house and now rock stars growing our food….

    More symbolism over substance….

    I like Michael McDonald’s music
    but would rather have Old McDonald grow my food…..

    Just because some celeb can “buy” into the cause I am not impressed.

    But that’s the new America……
    People Magazine and TMZ….

    BTW Obama’s Chief of Staff…was on on the board of Feddie MAC when they began cooking the books. And John Kerry as Sec. of State? Yup that’s change………………

    The more things change the more the stay the same.

    I wish Barrack well. The man will inherit a mess for sure.

    He does not have Hillary to contend with just her clone named Michelle.

    The (still not drinking the Kool-Aid (I pfrer rum)) TROLL

  4. Funny, we didn’t see this article as having anything to do with actual “celebs” buying into anything. When looking on the site, there was nothing about celebrity or “rock star” endorsements. That’s not what they were talking about. It is, in fact, a way to make a public image for the young farmer as something more palatable to the mainstream culture of other young people to encourage them to take farming more seriously as a possible career choice.

    With the average age of today’s farmer at 65, there is a growing concern that there will not be enough young farmers to take over the helm of the ship when these folks can’t work the fields any longer. Movements such as Serve Your Country Food encourage community building among the scattered group of younger farmers. This type of community building and public awareness is essential to the support of the idea of the young farmer thereby ensuring the future production of the food we eat every day.

    We applaud the Rant writers for spreading the word. We’ll be sure to do a feature on our own blog as well.

    talk to you soon…
    The Shibaguyz

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