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EatviewOur good friend Colleen posts a terrific list of election day tips – in a particularly rousing way.  Now, off to the polls, everybody.

Then if, as Amy suggests, you’re INSANE today, come back and read us. 

Me, I’m feeling more violent than insane – coz RCN picked last Friday night to stop feeding me cable TV until I get a digital converter box, with no warning at all.  Job one yesterday was schlepping into the city to pick up the boxes, then getting everything hooked up – and I still only have basic broadcast channels.

Election Day without CNN?  Without MSNBC?  This could get ugly.   

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    If I have to get a converter box for my old tv in the office, I am going to be hopping mad!

  2. Hmmmm — I dunno, Susan — I think Election Day without the two mentioned would be much more tranquil, but that may be because I am married to Mr. I Must Know Everything RIGHT NOW, so they are our constant companions.

  3. Susan, We don’t have cable or satellite. We are always limited to broadcast TV. To me if you have too many TV choices, there will always be something to watch. We’d rather be “doing” something, like being out in the garden, rather than watching something. PBS will have good coverage. That’s what I’ll be watching.

  4. Oh, Susan—I would be totally freaking out without CNN and MSNBC today! I feel your pain. What crappy timing!

    Thanks for the link, btw—I’m getting ready to head over to our polling place now. It’s gonna be a busy day!

  5. I really kind of hate TV news of any kind. I’m planning on watching the Comedy Central Indecision 2008 coverage, ’cause, you know. Stewart. Colbert. Should be a good time. But I haven’t watched CNN or MSNBC on purpose in ages.

  6. How about a day without Garden Rant?

    Now that would be scary……….

    A day without CNN is a joy..
    A day without MSNBC is peace…
    A day without my Mother in Law:

    The TROLL

  7. As one without cable or satellite, I always watch PBS for election related coverage. I find it’s usually better, and it’s essentially free! But tonight we’re going to kick off election night at a bar.

  8. I agree, PBS is best. I watched FOX for a bit yesterday and was shocked at how partisan it is. The “correspondent” was basically shilling for McCain. This was not an opinion piece, she was “reporting” from a neutral location. Unreal.

    We have bought snacks for tonight: port wine cheese spread for crackers, salty things in bags…oh and plenty of Sam Adams Scottish Ale.

  9. I think cnn and msnbc have live streaming coverage online? They generally do for any event.

    I watch everything online now – more money for books and plants!

  10. Someone needs to balance the liberal loving ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC…………………..

    Fox may be somewhat to the right but definitely far more fair than the other main streamers.

    The (gotta love’m theyr’e liberals) TROLLS

  11. I don’t have a TV, so I invited myself over to a friend’s house. The internet usually provides all the live news I need, but I have nightmares of four years ago: crouched over the computer in an increasingly dark and cold room, hitting ‘refresh’ into the wee hours of the morning, hoping that electoral map would change…

    Not this year. Champagne and friends, baby!

  12. Update: my cable news shows have been restored and I’m fully prepared! I COULD have survived with just PBS but I’ve got some serious political junkies coming over to watch the returns with me, and we’re all going to want options.

    Amy, what a nightmare!

  13. Fox may be somewhat to the right?! Definitely far more fair?!

    Given your political perspective, greg, I can see why you feel that way. Obviously, I don’t agree. I know some of the news shows I watch are biased, which is why I don’t rely on them for all my news and I check what any politician or pundit says against non-partisan news and fact checking sites. That’s one thing the internet has done for this campaign, more so than for any previous presidential campaign. It’s given those of us with inquiring minds a fabulous way to determine just how much salt we need to take with each sound bite.

    Oregon has early voting, too, and it’s all by mail. Last week, hubby and I sat at the kitchen table to fill out our ballots with easy access to information if we had any questions. Once done, we dropped them off in the ballot box at our local city hall. No lines, no hassles, no voting computer snafus – it’s marvelous. And I believe it’s cost effective, too. I don’t know why more states don’t do it this way.

    Susan, glad to hear you’re back on the air, so to speak.

    Amid all the serious stuff tonight, we’ll also turn on Comedy Central Indecision 2008 coverage, just for giggles.

  14. BTW, I’ve been to the “gothic house” in SE Iowa. Apparently it was never a farmhouse, but a house in a small town. Grant Wood made a sketch onsite and later used it in his famous painting.

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  16. OK news junkies. If you haven’t done so already, start tuning in to MSNBC weeknights at 9 after the dust settles from the elections. Commentator Rachel Maddow is the smartest person on the TV machine — and the first to admit that she is a commentator. And she’s entertaining too. I’ve been a fan of her for years.

  17. Lisa it’s fine to disagree not taken persoanlly at all. I am glad there is fox which is to the right and I admit I am to the right.
    The new media (internet) has been great for everyone who really cares about “salt” in their news diet for sure.

    I actaully get a lot of my news from NPR and PBS. I find NPR to be the most fair on both sides of the issues except for our local NPR affilaite WAMC who has a GM using the fund drives as a tool to rid washoington of Bush. (he even says so during the drives)

    PBS is great with the news hour.
    At least there is now more choices than the once big three ABC, NBC and CBS who really stink at giving well rounded stories.

    But it all comes down to not whom you voted for but did you vote?

    Hope who ever wins leads us well regardless of his political view

    The TROLL

  18. Did I vote?! To coin an oft-used phrase (that really needs to be retired) – You betcha!

    I haven’t missed a presidential election since my first one in 1976. Additionally, I have missed very few minor elections in all those years. I’ve always said if you don’t vote, you don’t get to gripe about what happens. It’s for that reason that I’m thrilled that Oregon has voted to repeal the double majority rule for tax measures in May and November elections in our state. That rule said that non votes counted the same as no votes, basically letting the apathetic, uninformed or disinterested who couldn’t bother to return a ballot (that gets mailed to everyone’s home, making it even easier) have a voice in an election when they didn’t say a word. Our government is participatory and always should be.

    Count me as another fan of Rachel Maddow. She’s smart plus she’s willing to hold civil conversations with those who hold opposing views.

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