Bloom Day in California



How fitting that I should get to post on Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.  Of the four of us, my garden is probably the only one not covered by snow and ice this time of year.  (I should also emphasize that I have the crappiest garden of the four of us–I have visited Elizabeth’s and Michele’s, and have seen enough garden porn from Susan’s backyard to know this to be true.)

So here it is.  Let’s see–starting at the top, L to R:  an exceedingly ambitious brugmansia, giant old fuchsia, tansy, feverfew.  Society garlic, yarrow, plant whose name I forgot, and calendula, which used to bloom in abundance in winter until the chickens developed a taste for the seeds. Then fennel, which is practically a weed but nobody said weeds don’t count, one bedraggled and confused Shasta daisy, and verbena bonariensis.  Fleabane, very early rhododendron, and tibouchina.

Whew.  One more thought on flowers for your Monday. I bought these three flower frogs at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe last summer (their website appears to be down; I’ll check back later to see if I can find them online)  and they were ridiculously, inappropriately cheap–like nine or ten bucks each.  This, of course, made it easy to buy all three rather than agonize over which one I absolutely had to have.

And you’d think the temptation would be to absolutely fill them with flowers.  But I actually like them all by themselves. And when I do put flowers in them, it might be just one stem, like this here daphne.


Oh.  And guess how easy it is to make a photo collage in Picassa 3?  Select your photos and hit the Collage button.  It’s like Google knew we needed a Bloom Day tool.  Awesome.


  1. Note to self: get Picassa 3! Using Photoshop, I’ve had to resort to hiring my own photo-editing coach – a 15-year-old who lives down the street. Available any time after band practice, reasonable rates.

  2. Is that brugmansia sanguinea? I’d thought about getting one until I read that they liked cooler summers (Florida? Nope!). Plus I already have a peach/caramel brug that I love. The flowers on the one you have seem smaller/tighter than other brugs…is that the case? I wish I felt confident it would do well here! It’s quite pretty.

  3. Ahem. It is 53 and green here, Ms. Stewart. However, it is true that I have no outside flowers to brag about. Plenty of action inside, which I’ll try to post about later.

  4. Ha. We are starting on our second day of snow for the year, and I am trying to figure out how to get out of driving to work this a.m. No blooms for me today unless my lone amaryllis suddenly goes nuts.

    And the plant of the forgotten name looks like some kind of penstemon (there are a million).

  5. Could the “Flower-to-be-named-later” be a Cape Fuchsia?

    I escaped my California garden, where if you don’t get your veggies planted by St. Patty’s Day, you’ve waited too long, and they will die of too much direct sun no matter HOW much water you dump on them… There are times (high of 23* today, low of 15*, I have to boil water to unfreeze the top inch of the animals’ water buckets.) I miss the long long incredibly unending growing seasons, but I don’t miss the never-ending wildfires, and I don’t miss the astronomical water bills.

    Still, it’s nice to be warm, even if it’s vicariously! :~)


  6. I believe the flower whose name you can’t remember is a type of Cuphea, probably Cuphea ignea. Don’t know of a pink variety tho. I have an orange one blooming in my California garden right now.

  7. There’s a reason we’re the “Golden State.” 🙂 I’ll be flying home to California this weekend. Can’t wait to soak up some sun and enjoy my parents’ back yard. My dad landscapes with tons of tropical plants.

  8. Gotta try Picassa 3. Looks like fun.
    I live about 2 hours south of Amy, in the San Francisco Bay area and it looks about the same down here.
    There is still lots of blooms in the garden and there is no shortage of gardening chores.
    That might be some consolation to the cold climate gardeners.
    At least you get to stay all warm and cozy in your house while us Californian gardeners have to be out in the chilly days wacking back hedges and shrubs, pulling aggressive wild onions and oxalis out of the succulent beds and dividing overgrown out of control perennials.

  9. Yeah, I worked in my California garden yesterday (moved a frickin’ agave) even though it was raining and rather cold. But when inspiration strikes you have to act.

    I have that exact cuphea blooming in my garden right now too. Totally forgot about it for Bloom Day. I always forget something, every month.

  10. I got all my new plantings in for the backyard Saturday, and yesterday I realized I needed to rearrange them. All of them. Maybe if moving plants in December was off limits because of the weather I’d learn better planning techniques.

  11. I have a few common houseplants, but right now I know that if there were an ICE DAY people would be really impressed with my post. I am intrigued by your mentioning Picasa. Its on my Find Out About list.

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