Get Your Keen Gardening Friends Right Here


A shout-out to Valerie Easton at the Seattle Times for her round-up of garden blogs, which includes Margaret Roach (of Martha Stewart fame), our friend Jane Berger at GardenDesignOnline, GardenRant, and others. Thanks, Valerie!


  1. As the song goes, “If not for you…”
    If not for you I would not have known about this link from out in the beautiful PNW, and do I thank you. May your winter be without losses, except the kind that make room for really great new plants without breaking anyone’s heart.

  2. And lets not forget Val’s great books, most recently “A Pattern Garden.” I met Val when she spoke here last year and went out and got her collected newspaper columns. It’s a great little book called “Plant Life” that even works for me here in Wisconsin.

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