Sustainable Gardening News, December ’08


The GardenRant Edition.  Here’s the full version.

In the News


  • Retailers in Tampa, Fla., might
    have to take nitrogen-enriched fertilizers off the
    shelves in the summer,
    according to the St. Petersburg Times.  That’s a start.  Via The D
  • Community gardens not
    only provide healthy food, exercise, and green spaces for city residents; new
    research proves that they also revitalize neighborhoods and increase home
    values. For more information about this study, go to: Real Estate Economics .  Via the National
    Gardening Association.

  • From Garden Design
    Magazine, the greenest
    mower on the planet – the Neuton!

   On the Sustainable Gardening

  • The Satsuma Society
    by guest essayist Ed
    Cullen covers the neighborhood celebration of his Satsuma tree.

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  The Roving Garden


  1. I love Neutons. My Dad has one that I borrow when I need to mow. He lives right down the street from me so he brings it when he stops by for a visit. Neighbors always comment on how quiet it is.

    If all goes as planned, in the next few years I won’t need to use one at all!

  2. There is a lot of great information in this post.

    The one that caught my eye was the limitation or ban of nitrogen fertilizers in the town of Tampa.
    I think they are going about this in an arse backwards way.
    Instead of banning the fertilizer , which can simply be purchased in the next town over and applied, they might consider introducing a plan that would eliminate lawns bordering the estuaries and water ways.
    No lawns = no heavy fertilizing = no migration of high nitrogen runoff into the bodies of water.
    Tampa might do well by emulating the highly successful native plant model that The Sea Ranch in Northern California has had in place for over the past 45 years.
    Organic no panic.

  3. Maybe someone can point out which of the links has reference to Harvey Milk/Sean Penn?

    I’m puzzled, but too lazy to examine every article linked.

  4. We adore our Neuton. Traded in our gas mower for a discounted Neuton a couple years ago in a deal brokered by our local solid waste district.

    We were worried that it would be too delicate for our rough “country lawn” but it’s a trooper. Puts in a full hour of cutting on a single charge. Much less tiring than a heavy, vibrating power mower. Plus you can stop it any time to pull weeds, pick up sticks, or take a break and it starts right up again without any fuss.

    Now I just need a solar array to recharge the battery!

    Also want to suggest innoculating stumps with edible or otherwise beneficial fungi. Haven’t gotten around to trying it myself but it’s on the list for next season.

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