The Canning of Ketzel in the News


Huffpost400Well, look who’s making an appearance on Huffington Post’s home page – Ketzel Levine sitting on her front porch.  They link to a New York Times report of her being laid off in the midst her series about people who are laid off.  Too ironic by half, and a surprising ending for her series.

Speaking of which, anybody know if Ketzel’s last story is online?


  1. Just read the news on the Huffington Post also- sad to hear Ketzel lost her job. I remember Susan toured her garden this summer and provided us with some great pics. Evening gardening and drinking a bit of wine helps get one through life altering fork in the road. Best of luck to Ketzel.
    – Siobhan/ Queen of The Garden Fairies

  2. It ain’t over till all of us self-recycling people have sung:

    We are happy to report that Ketzel is alive and well and getting ready to join us in Asia Minor this spring.

    Please see what Ketzel up to at–

    Even if you cannot join us, we promise to share the experience. We’ll be posting photos online from the field,as we stalk wild tulips in Turkey, the country that gave them to the rest of the world.


    Holly (at) hollychase (dot) com

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