1. Nice…. But I’m ready to move from the bottom picture back to the top picture!

    15 below here this morning (and that’s nothing compared to temps further north! Those folks in Minnesota HAVE to be tough!:)

  2. Amy, you saved me a lot of time. Now I don’t have to post my bloom day photos, because our gardens in the winter were separated at birth.
    I just came off a loooong, long stretch of hospice night shifts and I get to rest instead of wrestling with the camera.
    Gonna sleep now, and not take photos.
    p.s. Here’s a new reality show concept: Bloom Day American Idol. Simon, my garden really IS beautiful in the spring, at which time it can also sing (in bloom, not in tune) Na nananah na-nah na-nah, can’t pluck this.
    That’s it. I’m ridiculus. Time to really sleep before I start scaring my friends.

  3. I’m just breathing in the summer photos. Your garden was beautiful. Will be again.

    Was looking for a photo on my computer for an article and saw my garden last summer. I thought, did it really look that good? Hard to believe when winter is upon us. BTW, I linked to your video the other day on RDR.~~Dee

  4. For all the pretty blooming close ups I took for today’s bloom day, there were plenty of broken, dried out, weedy patches I careful kept out of my shots. Thanks for injecting some reality into into wintery bloom day!

  5. O, shoot! I was gone all day, got home just before dark, and forgot all about Bloom Day. Is it OK if I take pictures tomorrow? (such as they will be! Not much out there in this horrid cold).

  6. I love that chicken house!! It’s adorable. And I love your garden even now, just go out and look at the ‘bones’ in that place. It’s just the best time to really see what’s going to happen come spring-time. Is that yarrow creeping over too far into the path-move it now!
    I’m posting my Bloom Day images tonight…check it out. http://www.bdgc.typepad.com

  7. Hey, you did a good job in maintaining your garden more beautiful. such a nice flowers.it seems they all blooms very faster. i wish i could do that in my garden as well, thanks for sharing.


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