Gardenwriter Inaugural Meet-up


Lucky gardenwriter/blogger Mary Ann Newcomer – aka the Idaho Gardener – must be doing something MAMe200
right, to get 4 tickets to the swearing in ceremony.  Blue tickets, even.  (Whatever that means – no doubt better than some other color.)  So she and her pilot husband hop on a plane for free and next thing I know they're partying with their friends at the Old Ebbitt Grill, where I joined them – an awesome meet-up locaPins300tion.  Fun was had.

Now that I've gotten in the obligatory gardening hook, can I just show some fun photos I took in D.C. yesterday?  

Vendors are everywhere, with prices all over the damn place. I stocked up on pins, a hat and two t-shirts, one artsy and one gawdy and fun.

And here's the structure we'll all be seeing in a few hours – the viewing stand in front of the White House where the Obamas will be watching the parade.  Directly across from it is a 3-story press structure that's the largest I've ever seen for this event.  We weren't allowed any closer.




  1. Well, the blue tickets didn’t do us much good, security was backed up and we couldn’t get in after a two mile walk and 2 hour wait in line. But being there, just being there for the moment, was powerful.

    Thanks for meeting us for such a great lunch!

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