Rant on the Road


There are any number of opportunities for GardenRant meet-ups this year.  Here are just a few; let us know if we're missing anything.

The Garden Bloggers Spring Fling in Chicago May 29-31.  Chicago bloggers, let us know if you've got updates to share!  Elizabeth and Susan are definitely planning to go.

GardenWalk Buffalo Saturday, July 25-Sunday, July 26.  You'll get to hang out with Elizabeth, for sure.   Amy will actually be at Brooklyn Botanic Garden Saturday–so close and yet so far–along with the Wicked Plants illustrator, Briony Morrow-Cribbs. Briony will teach an etching workshop and then Amy's doing a wicked plant walk–the plants are wicked, not the walk–more about that soon.

The Garden Writers Association conference in Raleigh, NC Sept. 23-26.  Even if you're not a GWA member, we'd love to get together with you.  Stay tuned for a possible GardenRant party.  Amy and Susan will be there, along with Elizabeth, who joined just so she could attend this.  

And a book tour is coming together for Amy's new book.  Details here.