Sex and the Garden


As we have long suspected, gardeners have better sex. Well, that's not exactly what this study proved–but we take our good news where we can get it. What the study actually says is that 30 minutes of moderate exercise can improve men's—uh—performance, and gardening qualifies as exactly the sort of moderate exercise that fits the bill.

It's the middle of winter, but here in northern California we are experiencing a freakish, summer-like January–no rain, warm sunny days–in fact, the weather this month has been better than it is in a typical July.  I'm not making this up. July here sucks.  Foggy, chilly, windy, grim.  As a Texas girl, I like my summers long and hot, like I like my–oh, never mind.

The point is this:  the mood around my hometown is as glorious as the weather.  Everyone's out in the garden.  At the garden center yesterday, the guy loading my bags of soil told me that people are coming in looking for TOMATOES, for chrissakes.

It won't last forever–I'm sure February will bring rain and misery–but for now, everyone I know is out in the garden, and while I haven't exactly taken a poll, I'm willing to bet that their love lives have improved, too.

So do with this information what you will–and we eagerly await your speculation on the connection between better sex and better gardening.


  1. Nothing sexier than a man breaking a sweat while being domestic. Love watching my hubby working hard in the yard!

    I live in Nor Cal too and my big beef with this warm weather is that it’s really screwing with my plan to do some grafting this season. Normally I’d do some grafting in mid-February, but at this point, buds are going to pop any day! I broke down and did some apple rootstock grafting this past weekend to beat the weather. But my biggest beef will be when fruit trees will bloom, only to be ruined with the return of winter so all those blossoms will be rained on and it’s too early for the bees to come out of hibernation. Just you watch! The cherry season will be junk this time. Last year we had a long, cold, dry late winter/spring, but the rain will return and fruit will be expensive at the farmers markets!

  2. Mmmm. Can’t remember when I (or Mr. Mouse) worked in the garden for 30 minutes the last time. It seems to be 0 minutes or at least 3 hours. Then we’re wiped out. But we do find it enticing to watch the birds cavorting in the spring…

  3. I garden so much I don’t even have to use the trowel with the measurements on it when I plant bulbs in the fall.

    Of course, the clay soil can become an issue.

    Should I stop?

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