The Greening of the Capitol


Look here who’s been "greening" in our Nation’s capital since XXX – Green the Capitol.  It started out as just a report ordered by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the Chief Admin Officer for the oplace: How to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce overall energy consumption. 

So renewable wind power has been bought, as have carbon offsets (hmm) to mitigate 30,000 METRIC TONS OF GREEN HOUSE GASES (WHY NOT STOP EMITTING THEM????) and switching from coal to natural gas.

In energy reduction the goal is to reduce by 50 percent over 10 years.  Lots of those weird lightbulbs.

Reduce lots of waste – no more Styrofoam and plastic crap in the cafeteria – al 100percent comipostable stuff now.

"Ensured House food offerings are organic and locally grown wtihin a 1250-mile radius whenever possible.

WHAT ELSE?  Ask Allison.