The Renegade Gardener’s
High Spot/Black Spot Awards


Don Engebretson has done it again.  His High Spot/Black Spot Awards for 2008 are up and as entertaining as ever.  My favorites?


Gardener of the Year – Bono. 

His almost x-rated description of a particular heuchera. 

And his appreciation for, IMHO, the most underappreciated sustainable plant ever – the weigela (and shrubs as a group!)

Thanks, Don.


  1. Thank you so much for the link. I had such a good time at this year’s ceremonies, that I visited the archives of previous years. I wish there was more humor and attitude like this in the gardening world.

  2. Renagade Gardener is one of my favorite garden blogs. And “Perennials for Minnesota and Wisconsin” continues to be my go-to reference every summer. Thanks Don! (but when and if you revise it, please include baptisia — or do you consider false indigo a shrub?)

  3. Marte, one of the dirty little secrets of writing a plant book, you have X number of pages and X number of plants to include … I argued hard for Baptisia but my editor had final say. Should have included Baptisia at the expense of Linum/Flax or Sempervivum/Hens and Chicks, neither of which I grow. Although I did try Hens and Chicks once, which turned out to be Hen and Chick, then Hen and dead Chick, then, finally, dead Hen.

    Soil, I imagine.

    There are rumblings about a possible revised edition of the Perennials book, we’ll see…

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