This Is Getting Out of Hand.


I used to say that a gardener could never have too many gloves.


I was wrong.

Today's excavation of the scary closet in the laundry room where I store my garden supplies (which we refer to as the Situation Room) revealed no less than seventeen pairs of garden gloves.

After the cull, the following remain:


A pile of Atlas nitrile-coated gloves, none of which had a single hole in them in spite of the fact that I think of them as the cheap, throw-em-out option at less than five bucks per pair; plus a nice pair of WomansWork gloves (in green) and, of course, the Ethel gloves we all tried out last year. And a pair of unidentified leather gloves I got for Christmas.

Also surviving the cull:  a five-pack of gloves a neighbor gave me for Christmas in response to my (apparently too often) repeated assertion that gardeners can always use more gloves.  Clearly I need to stop saying that.

New gloves


  1. Ha ha, I have a pair of those suede gloves with the pink trim!

    There is a K-mart near us going out of business and I got three pairs of nice red pigskin Martha Stewart gloves marked down to about $1.25 (from $6.99). I left one pair, so anyone in Albany can get the last pair in Delmar. 🙂 The garden stuff is mostly 20% off across the board, and Martha Stewart seeds are also 30% off.

  2. Love that first image, Amy. It deserves a caption like “Gardeners know the best dirt” or something along that line.

    If I ever find time to clean out my garage and garden shed, I wouldn’t be surprised if my glove collection rivaled yours.

  3. Heh-heh, my collection is stored in large tubs – one tub for clean right handed ones, the other for clean lefties.

    I wear them for one 7-hour day (less if I encounter something disgusting or if it’s wet out) and toss them in the third tub for dirties. I do a glove load of laundry every 2-3 weeks, but could probably go longer.

    I only use one kind, the blue atlas gloves with a rubbery coating (they are thicker than your nitriles, probably most similar to the green ones you have, although my blue atlas fit a lot snugger than those look (those look like Mud Gloves maybe?)).

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