Top Stories of 2008 for Garden Retailers


For an
interesting contrast to the top GardenRant posts of 2008, here are the
most clicked-on stories on the garden retailers' website the Weekly Dirt, as reported in their newsletter (not online).

Dirty Dozen

12. Seasoned retailer offers advice for credit
– Read the full blog post here.

11. Experts offer 2009 color trends – see color forecasters. 

10. Lowe’s launches major spring marketing campaign.  

9. Lowe’s is looking to gain market share by going head to head with small, independent
retailers as well as some its larger rivals.

8. S.E. drought causes green-industry
, with 35,000 out of 79,000 green-industry employees in Georgia losing their jobs. Suggestions are offered about how the national green industry can help.

7. Garden center in the U.K. flaunts its flower-shaped urinals. 

6. For retailers: 5 things they don't know about baby boomers

5.  Five "fatal" mistakes that small retailers often make?  At the top of the list: failure to
plan effectively and objectively. Click here to read more.

4. Proven Winners recently published a new online magazine targeting Gen X and Y consumers – Proven Beauty, which can be viewed with no subscription fees. The first
edition includes articles on water conservation, butterfly gardening and a Q
& A with P. Allen Smith.  

3. Garden Media Group unveils 2009
Suzi McCoy says: global influences, water conservation and blended
gardens will be in vogue.  Complete recap on
Open Register.

2. Anne Raver's plant picks from the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show in Baltimore earlier this month.

1. What is the greenest tree? answers.

So readers, what do you make of all this?  Me, I have a question about
that number 4, which is:  Do Gen X and Y'ers dig P. Allen Smith?  Really?


  1. Well, I am Gen X & I think P. Allen Smith is alright. I watched him a lot when I first started gardening. I personally like that little piece of Aussie beefcake from Victory Garden, Jamie Durie, much better. Seems like he’d have more appeal for younger gardeners.

  2. Mimosa is Pantone’s color of the year. A great color name.
    Wholesale trade shows are not in the best interest of the public.
    Retailers usually weed out products that haven’t performed.
    These days your local nursery or Lowe’s will only stay in business if you shop there.

  3. Jamie Durie is like junk food. Pretty tasty on the eyes, but no nutritional (informative) value – or at least how they write his script. I don’t have an issue so much of him hosting Victory Garden, but I do for the amount of info they provide during the show. Referencing another post, I liked it when they covered a garden throughout the year and covered the veggie garden.

    As for Slate’s article on green trees, Poplars out here in California are a real pain in the butt. Their roots run far and wide, every time there is a bit of a breeze, branches break all over the place. I’m not impressed.

    Hey, you guys going to have someone cover the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show? I’m curious how the show will go with the new digs in the San Mateo location. Wonder if the atmosphere of the display gardens will be a nice and dramatic with the lighting and birdsong soundtrack. Wonder if the parking will be cheaper than the cow palace?

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