Last Chance to Vote for Kitchen Gardens



Roger Doiron of Eat the View and Kitchen Gardeners International is asking supporters of a kitchen

garden at the White House to spend 5 minutes THIS WEEK to vote to advance the cause of growing your own food:   

1) Vote for us (Eat the View) in
the final round of the contest.  (Roger swears this will only take a minute.)

Vote for us in the final round of the (4 minutes – longer because
you need to register first). I realize this is a pain, but it’s an important
contest and we need at least 1200 more votes to become competitive.  We’re
not focusing only on the "First Garden" with this contest, but a new Victory
Garden movement (which we’re calling "Victory Gardens 2.0" ) which we believe
a new White House garden could help launch.  Here’s the link to vote.


  1. . . .and even if you’ve voted already in the earlier elimination rounds, please vote again. This is the last round of eliminations for both and OnDayOne.

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