What Is Up With the Comments?


Okay, two things, and remember, we do it out of love.

First:  We enabled this new threaded comments option on GardenRant. That means that you can reply to someone's comment and carry on your own little conversational thread right here on GR.  It's all part of a new thing called TypePad Connect that is actually not just for TypePad, but any number of blog platforms etc where you may leave comments. We can also see your adorable little pictures if you have them. So let us know what you think–and if this is not working for you or driving you crazy, let us know that too. I don't think you have to have a TypePad Connect account, but this is where you'd set one up. And if you can't comment at all, send your curses and admonitions directly to amy at amy stewart dot com and I will try to sort it out.

Second:  notice little Recent Comments box in left sidebar below Twitter feed.  It's just a way to feature  you, our readers.

Oh:  and URLs in comments should be converted to links automatically now.


  1. Oh gawd , something new to learn.
    Twitter ? A Twitter feed ?
    I’m lost. Tweet Tweet.
    Please show me to the compost pile.
    Now it’s clear to me why having children might have been a good idea, – they could teach me all this new fangled computer stuff.

  2. Just wanted to see what came up when I commented. Hopefully some cool looking box that looks like a atom bouncing around. Here we go…

  3. I don’t have to…good.
    OK. so that’s swell…I guess the proof will be in the pudding, down the road a piece, while mixing and matching and discarding metaphors.

  4. DID NOT work in Blogger. I double-checked my editing, but whenever I saved the HTML code, blogger converted the quotation marks in the syntax to the HTML code, not the marks. I had to back out all of the changes. It’s 12:47am here in NC, so I have no new post at this time.

  5. Profile Fairy,

    In your great benevolence, you have granted me my wish. I now humbly ask you for one more favor. If you please, would you allow my carrot seeds to sprout, for it has been ten days and I have consorted with the water god and soil microbe herder to no avail.

    Thank you,


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