Yikes, Martha!


Do not miss Friend of Rant Jeff Gillman’s hilarious appearance on The Martha Stewart Show.

Can I just say that I love Martha and have always loved her for this surprising candor, which she’s demonstrated a million times?  (Though not necessarily when questioned about ImClone.) Now I love her for having discovered how terrific Jeff is–the guy who debunks all the cobwebby superstitions in the gardening lore and translates actual proven science into a form English majors can understand.


  1. I love Martha, too. That was too funny. I’m glad I have the Tivo set up to record her show—I’ll definitely be sure to watch this episode!

  2. Oh Martha, I love your new loosened-up jailbird persona!

    And now I have yet one more experience in common with Miss Martha!

    For me it was the Thai peppers (and that ain’t pronounced “thigh”) that we used in a pasta sauce lo so many years ago. We just used two, and I was the chopper.

    Lest I overshare for the queasy, stop reading here.

    If you’re still with me, I had to deal with delicate feminine hygiene matters, as those of us of the female persuasion must from time to time. Well, if we’re lucky, on a regular basis.

    Anyhow, hip to the possible drawbacks of the Thai Pepper/labial interface, and having carefully washed my hands, just a mild stinging on the tips of my fingers lingered…

    I quickly dispatched with the female business in order to get back to my guests. And then-the burning!

    The highlight of the evening was being chased around the living room as I wailed in pain, laughing and crying at the same time, pursued by a potential suitor waving a huge vat of plain yogurt and insisting that I remove my pants immediately.

    Good times, good times…

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