Big Oscar News?
“The Garden” nominated for best doc!


Geez, how could I have missed THAT news?  I’d attended the premiere and was on filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s email list, for crissakes. 

Anyhoo, what a treat to see Scott on the big Oscar screen in a montage of nominated documentaries, then to see him nervously hearing his name and waiting for the winner to be announced – “Man on Wire”.

But in the world of garden-related movies, it really IS an honor just to be nominated.  And in the case of this cause-within-a-movie – the cause being to win back the land for South Central LA’s awesome community garden – getting this kind of attention can only help.  We all hope.

Here’s Scott on the red carpet, taking every opportunity to promote community gardens.  Scott, you’re the man!


  1. I just put The Garden on my Netflix queue. I can’t wait to see it. Maybe I’ll make a list of Garden Movies: Garden of the Finzi Continis; The Secret Garden; Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil . . . Should the Garden of Allah be included? Who has got more?


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