Seed Bombing on Daytime Television


More evidence that the English have a finer appreciation for things horticultural?  A guerrilla gardener teaching seed-bomb-making on a talk show.  (Martha Stewart, have your scheduler call his scheduler.) 

My favorite bits?  The retro '70s set!  And the other guest, wearing a cocktail dress and pearls, gamely donning rubber gloves and having some fun.

Hat tip to Growing Edge.


  1. I love the giant name tag Richard is wearing – as if he just stopped by on his way to the set of “The Price is Right”. And I’m not sure what the other guest Linda is famous for, but man can she chew the scenery! I would take this show over Martha Stewart any day.

    Oh, and the gardening part was interesting too.

  2. I love seeing guerrila gardening in action. I did a bit myself. I planted daffodils in the empty lot across the street. and this year my wildflower mix should put on a good display. Also, Caltrans (California Transportation Dept. in charge of fixing roads) graded and empty roadside grassy patch after doing quite a bit of construction recently. So in October I went and spread a bunch of wildflower seed mixes mixed with some orange and red California poppies. Already I have some toadflax popping up and in flower. If you want, I can email you some pictures of the area. I can even tell the area from where Caltrans laid down their grass seeds and where my wildflower mix was spread and mixed in. When the poppies come into bloom, it should be spectacular.

  3. Chelsea Lately grabs my attention in less than a minute. Didn’t have the time to watch this. I’m way less shallow than the public.

  4. Brilliant! I’d love to see these pictures.

    [email protected]

    I plan to coordinate with road crew (they clear twice a year)to be at the ready to plant. I already have “test” natives planted j-u-s-t out of reach of their sickle. Any source ideas for a deer resistant perennial mix to test?

  5. Hilarious! The woman in black was a trip! I wanted to see more of her. Seedbombing is a great idea–we have a triangle on our corner which belongs to the county. They are supposed to mow and keep it neat. So far, they do mow, but it is a horrid mess of weeds and maybe I will do a ittle stealth guerilla gardening there.

  6. Clyde Robin has a good selection of wildflower mixes.

    They have a roadside mix which is a bit of annual and perennials. As for what the deer in your area will eat, our deer either have enough abundance of things to eat so they don’t eat all the rose hips on that wild bush across the street or they are really picky (They have never touched my Japanese maples).

    I like Clyde Robin’s offerings as you can also buy single wildflower varieties in 1 oz., 1/4, 1/2 and 1 lb. bags. Next year I may buy a pound of California poppies (half orange, half red) and find every lot after the Christmas tree lots have closed and do seed bombs over the chain link fences. Nothing is uglier than a barren dirt lot left rot and only used one month of the year.

    Perhaps that should be a GardenRant challenge project for next year. Guerrilla Seeding of empty Christmas tree lots and photos posted by participants.

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