Send a blogger to talk Turkey with Ketzel! Donations accepted now



Ketzel Levine, bouncing back from being laid off by NPR, is leading a horticultural tour of Turkey in late April and she writes to tell us that spots are still available.  So this underemployed garden writer wonders:  Wouldn't GardenRant readers benefit from some Rant on the Road action straight from the tulip fields of Turkey – and want to help make that happen?  (Okay, if you'd rather donate to some school garden, I get it.  A girl can dream, can't she?) 

Or in the (far more likely) alternative, sign up for the trip yourself and guest-post about it for us.  Details are here.

Photo by Rob & Ale via Flickr.


  1. Wait! What about the veggie garden at the White House.

    And what about all the carbon that will be placed in the atmosphere when you pick turkish tomatoes from the ground?

    Oh that’s right I forgot….The O’Man is the leader/savior of the world and he has a white house in Istanbul.

    The (love those turkish bongs though) TROLL

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