Finding Ann Lovejoy.
Will Paul James be next?


Like many of you, I have gardening gurus, and my top two are:Lovejoy

  • Ann Lovejoy, whose books about organic gardening and mixed American borders I’ve been reading and rereading, and whose praises I’ve been singing since I’ve been writing online.
  • Then there’s “Gardener Guy” Paul James of HGTV’s “Gardening by the Yard”.  Also an organic gardening guru, one I’ve written about here once or twice.  And back on my blog, once, or twice, or three times. And every time I write about Paul, the post collects comments from other fans who are trying desperately to reach him.  Paul has no website.

Now Ann has lots of greats articles on newspaper websites, so I set about trying to solicit her as a contributor to my website.  After months of trying I finally made contact, and she’s on board!  And with the Seattle P-I out of business, I asked what’s to become of her column?  A new life online, and I’ll post her very own link as soon as it’s ready.

And here’s the thing.  Ann knows Paul!  He’s featured her on his TV show many times.  So did I ask for his email address?  Nooo, don’t want to look like a stalker, ya know.  I just asked that she suggest that he Google himself and discover our world.

Not stalker-like at all, right? 

Now I was okay with Paul not noticing me but lately I found something disturbing.  I “Google- imaged” his name and found evidence of him cavorting with all kinds of people, including other gardenbloggers.

Paul, how could you?


  1. C’mon Paul, we know you’re out there! You should be very pleased, by the way, since your show is the only gardening show my husband will watch with me.

    Hey Monica! Put in a good word for Susan next time you hang our with your good buddy Paul, huh?

  2. Sad (here in Seattle) to lose the PI, now we’re truly a one newspaper town. Ann Lovejoy is one of my guru/heroes too! Thanks for prying her info out of her, I hope to be reading all about her new online presence soon! Don’t know Paul James since I’m not a TV watcher (I know, weird huh?) but maybe I’ll see him here soon too thanks to your stalking, er, info-gathering.

  3. Hi Susan,

    Frances let me know you posted my photo and linked to my entry. I met Paul at a fundraiser (open to the public!) at a local nursery. As much as I’d like to cavort with him (whoah hey now!), and as much as I’m all kinds of people, my entry makes the nature of our fleeting acquaintance painfully clear.

    Cheers! Monica


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