Gardeners Protest Vanishing G on HGTV
April 13 – Be there!



Tina K is mad – especially about the impending disappearance of Paul James, her favorite TV gardening host – and she's not going to take it anymore!  So she's organizing a protest by gardeners, who'll all be emailing HGTV's programming VP and their advertisers on the same day – April 13. 

Ooh goody, I love uppity gardeners.  Check out the campaign here, and put it on your calendar to make your voice heard.

By the way, I just noticed that the HGTV website has actually removed gardening from its navigation – it's now "landscaping."  So, HLTV?  And not even much L?

This just in from his representative:

Paul James Canceled? NO WAY!! GBTY is still the longest running show on HGTV and
has NOT been canceled. We are however currently not filming new shows, however
our newest season is running now. This is for now the last 26 new shows, however
HGTV has told us they plan on running GBTY for at least another 3 to 4 years.
Now for the good news, MAY 1ST we launch Paul's new website at
and we are trying to get Stay tuned because Susan from Garden
Rant will get an interview REAL soon for this blog.
We have lots planned
coming real soon.


  1. I will participate, although I think most of HGTV’s gardening is beyond lame…all about rubber mulch and decorating pots.

  2. I guess I will participate, out of solidarity…but I really only liked one long-gone program on the network…and it wasn’t Paul’s (sorry!). There’s only one show I’ve watched on that network in the past several years: their coverage of the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day.

  3. I’ve gotta say if they were to cancel GBTY that would be about the dumbest thing they’ve done yet. It’s bad enough they have moved it to a lesser time spot in favor of rip and remodel shows. I’d love to see some real gardening happen other than Paul’s show, which has been my favorite since it first came on. Our local PBS station does better, way better.

  4. My one-time favorite garden show that I just found out has returned is “A Gardener’s Diary” with Erica Glasener. It is now on Thursday, 7 am, which is not a great time, but … I’ll take it! I’d love to see more good gardening shows like Erica’s.


  5. It’s about time that the HGTVs and the TLCs of the world get real. We’re in a recession…teetering on a depression. And shows like “Designed to Sell” and “Flip That House” were enablers.

    We need to garden where we can, landscape intelligently to conserve water, preserve native plant species and improve our soil with compost.

    And as a consumer, I have an interest in the latest nifty outdoor wall, patio and gardening materials and products. There’s hardly anything about landscape left on HGTV.

  6. I have been whining lately about the lack of decent programming on those channels. I cant even find a decent show on public television anymore! It seems like the TV networks are all over last year’s pulse, and I would imagine there will be a glut of grow your own veg shows sometime next year or the year after. Which I will gladly welcome, as long as they’re hosted by someone qualified. But likely it will be the winner of the next bitchy reality competition. *Sigh*.

    Let’s face it, the real issue here is that TV (the way we know it)is dead. We get our best nuggets of information and entertainment in other places now (hello blogs!). Network execs need a serious reality check if they want to stay in the game.

  7. Too bad, Paul James is an amusing soul. What are the network heads thinking? It makes no sense to remove ‘garden’ from their logo and limit gardening shows from their line up when the popularity of gardening is growing! I’m making note now to plant my seeds of protest April 13. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. What a disappointment! Typical myopic TV execs who clearly don’t know their core audience. I’ve watched Paul James since I moved to the US in ’96 and he is one of the people that inspired me to get into horticulture and become a Master Gardener.

    They did a similar thing with Don Burke in Australia – another garden guru that many grew up watching including myself.

    IDIOTS! Hopefully if they were to ever get rid of his show Paul would start vlogging and/or blogging.

    I’m so sick of these ‘landscape in a day’ programs.

  9. Last year Webster’s new word of 2008 was “Locovore”. The Obama’s have put in a kitchen garden at the White House. More people (including young folks) are gardening now more than ever.

    And Paul has been the steady, organic and funny voice of gardeners for over a decade.

    If HGTV can’t get their compost together, perhaps some other network is looking for a great opportunity…

    Count me in on the sponsor protest.

  10. I miss the gardening shows where they showed you how to plant things, where to put them, garden tours-Erica Glasner, amending the soil etc.

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