Mackenzie Carpenter gets gardenblogging


As a feature writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mackenzie Carpenter has to cover politics but for pure enjoyment she gets to also cover gardening.  And lucky readers get her highly entertaining feature about garden blogs in today's edition.  It describes blogs as livelier, perkier and more passionate than other garden writing.  Filled with gossip and even attitude-changing crusades, garden blogs aren't "staid or semi-promotional" like garden writing so often is.  Lord knows we try.

Here at GardenRant headquarters we thank Mackenzie for her awesome piece and kind words about this blog, and urge her to comment when she gets the itch because she definitely has things to say.


  1. Excellent observations about garden blogging. I’m surprised how many gardeners I know don’t follow blogs because I find them so relevant in my search for information and inspiration on a daily basis.

  2. That Mackenzie is real smart, and so is her editor for “letting” her write about gardening. I think what makes Gardenrant a standout is the range of your posts–not just geographical, although that’s an important part of it, but the content–(including guest ranters), and your generous linking to all sorts of interesting, useful, newsworthy, and down right strange sites and articles. Plus you guys are really funny and you know how to write! And, not least, the comments are top notch, too!

  3. I read about this site in the paper today and was very intrigued. I’m hoping to get lots of tips for my garden this year. Every year I try to define it a little more. I swear, there isn’t a garden center or store that I can just walk on by without making a purchase. From strange plants (that never survive) to metal art (found a great store, Iron Eden, in Pittsburgh) and even the use of mirrors now (fyi – they don’t survive in heavy winds). I’ve started to run out of grass! There’s even one 4-foot pink flamingo that I have my eye on. Tacky??? No way – it’s just a little more eye candy for the neighborhood.

  4. Fun article – and so true, gardeners are passionate people! I have learned so much and love seeing the pictures of gardens across the country. I feel like I know so many of the people that I track through their garden blogs. Y’all even inspired me to get started, I blog now and I love it!

  5. You can be a garden writer and still know about gardening. That is my only beef with her blog.

    Plus, aren’t the ladies of the Rant “Garden Writers.”

    After spending a bunch of time with the GWA people in Portland, after 10 years of APGA people, I can tell you the garden writers are a much friendlier and down to earth bunch.

    And writers can be gardeners, and gardeners can be writers, and you don’t have to know everything to write about it.

    At the risk of sounding like Oprah. My blog today could have been titled “I know this much for sure. . .” But I don’t want to get sued. Wait, I shouldn’t care about getting sued.

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