A Tale of Two Rakes



New GardenRant policy: To reduce our carbon footprint, giveaways will be restricted only to Friends of Rant who can appear in person at the home of one or more GardenRantistas to pick up their winnings and carry them away on their bicycle and/or wagon.

Kidding.  But.  When Radius Garden Products sent me two rakes to try out and one to give away, I thought, "When am I ever going to mail a rake to somebody?"

And then Friend of Rant and completely adorable person and lovely human being Genevieve Schmidt stopped by one Sunday to talk about helping me get my garden ready for a yet-to-be-announced big media appearance, and I asked her to pick a rake and take it with her.  She not only took it, she wrote glowing and very detailed review on her site North Coast Gardening, saving me the effort of doing it myself. Just like the rake itself, having Gen write clever blog posts is a great time-saver.

So–yeah.  What she said.



  1. It really is an awesome rake. None of my employees want to use the old one now. The normal bow rake just feels so slow in comparison to how much mulch or compost you can grab with the curved head.

    Thanks so much for your sweet words, Amy! I’m blushing!

  2. My favorite way to get new tools is to go to old farm and garden sales and by old stuff. Even though you usually spend as much money for a new handle as for a completly new tool. (why?) But when I get a well used shovel thats been around for fifty+ years, I know it will probably outlast me. Plus I like the feel of using a tool thats known a few old timers hands and maybe a few gardens. Its like getting a ringer to play on your team, or when I get to use the tools my grandfather left me.

  3. I didn’t know Radius had a rake.
    I thought their handles were lime green. They’re supposed to help old people garden.

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