Burpees, Ros Creasy


Tour by Bill (hort, esp shrubs and trees)  Ball bought in 2000.  Had no gardens, all added.  Before – fields.
Lemon queen helianthus to 6 feet – i want photo

Ros – her new editoin is 5 years in the works.  Has added heirlooms now available but not at time of first editoin.  More beautiful examples.  250 photos, versus 24 for first).  Sierra Club publisher.  Photos/plants from all over hte US, not just california.  1982 – first ed.  Fully organic.  Recycling used.  (ahead of her time).  Knew/knows Alice WAters. (HOW WELL?  HOW?)  Different palette of plants now.
Urgged us to Grow paprika!  Throw awaty that 7-year-old jar!!  Passed around the homemade stuff.  Rosalindcreasy.com
Her next-door neighbor had paid $2.5 millionl wasn't happy with Ros taking out lawn.  She advises: throw in some flowers, and people will like it.
Get photo – second "after" with broccoli in it..  She even grows corn in front.  Has cherry toms trailing over a trellis.
Magic circle – awesome.

Doesn't believe in "companion plants".  Says to just have lots of small0-flowered plants near vegs for beneficial insects.  Theme, eg, culinary herbs – which deer don'to like.  Worrying about what perennials to plant with what vegs makes it too complicated.  Just do small flowers all over the garden.

Talks about Italy, where the diet ISN"T pasta-based but veg-based.  They eat in season.  Never eat out of season.  Amerifcans have palettes of children – soft, sweet, and salty.  We don't like the other tastes – bitter, sour, or texture.  Our taste is finally getting more sophiticated. 

Heirlooms – seed savers exchange in Iowa.

She gardens in Silicon nValley (and designs).  One client with 1/3 acre.  Husband said could it cost 1/4 mil?  She sasid yes.  He said as long as it's not over a mil.  Came in at .75 mil.

\Lots of misinformation out there about which flowers are edible.  She says what about if pregnant?  Or if taking blood pressure medicines?  Edtc.

For parties:  designo your own open-face sandwich, with cracrker or bread, her b, cheeseand FLOWER.

She grows wheat, kids in neighborhod plant it, cut it, thresh, she bakes, and serves at a block party!!

George Ball recomen ds agastache and herbs for attracting beneficials.

Lemon thyme- most vigorous.

Ros completey redoes her front garden twice a year, including hardscape..  Has 25 hours of helhp per week on avearge.  It's her photo studio.  What does this teach us???????  She never repeats.  Has done 40 different designs in 25 years.

judywhite – photog.