Lunching at Burpee’s


When I mentioned that I'd be lunching with garden writer/photographer/designer Ros Creasy, I was holding back.  Not telling you she was speaking at the Burpee's Open Day at their glorious historic farm/mansion in Doylestown, PA, the front veranda of which you see here.  Or that another famous garden writer/photographer was speaking there, too – Graham Rice.  And that still another garden writer/photographer Judy White – Graham's wife – would be joining us.  On a perfect spring day after so many cold, rainy ones.  It was splendid. 

More about it all, and my visit to the Rodale Institute and the Rodale publisher the day before.  An overnight hort tour of east-central Pennsylvania.  (What do you call that area, anyway?)  And actually it was ALL splendid.


  1. Well, that sounds a lot more fun than burping at Lunchee’s. Sorry. I love Rosalind Creasy, wow that’s quite a pow wow you guys had there!

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