Rodale Institute


Siegfriend Farm 300+ acres.  Ardath (DIL of J. Rodale) bought it.  Rodles were rich – parts for electric companies (?).  Here since 1971. All organic except comparing organic and synthetic.  Organic sequesters more carbon.
Photo of Jake and WHO?
Ceo – PD in deep psychlogy – GET INTERVIEW
Demonstrations of 3 things: organic, biointensive, and natural ag (japanese) – I hve photos.

Hydroponics with no soil – it's a joke!
Two main foci of their research – corn and soy. – organic production of them is higher, esp in droughts.
Conventional soil has 1-2 percent norganic matter.  Rodales – 5 percent.  Going from 1-5 percent (is this right?) incrases water retention by 6fold. 
For developing world – tremendous implications.
They're doing a project in Mali
Greenhouse gas and famine prevention and nutrition – all helped/solved by these techniques!!
Healthy soil, food and people – and recently added "planet".
Best way to incrase organic matter – cover-cropping.  "Organic no-till" means rolling in cover crop.
1,000 pounds of carbon sequestered more with cover crop – per acre??  3,000 pounds with compost.
They agree – avoid peat.  They like coir and compost. 
Change in food policy will be consumer-driven.
3 bastions of health are food, exercise and faith.  G'ing provides all.
Farmers switching?  Growth of organic demand is 20 percent a year. Supp;ky 8 percent – what does that mean?

RODALE OPUBLISHING:  From Kristin: recommends contactnig – cnn anderson cooper person.