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A GardenRant tipster tells us that Hollywood is searching for the next big sustainable vegetable gardening guru.  If you are hip, edgy, comfortable in front of a camera, and cool enough to connect with thirty-something locavores, this is the gig for you. They want somebody who's into growing their own food, raising their own chickens, maybe keeping some honeybees– and doing fabulous things with all of it in the kitchen.

If you're ready to do all that and be a horticultural and culinary rock star in front of the camera, send a paragraph, a picture, a link to your website, and a link to a video, if one exists, to: 

This is the real deal–we know the people and we know it's got potential. 

Pass the word on. The future of gardening television is in your hands.  Don't let us down.


  1. While Patty does immediately come to mind, I think I’d like to see someone new who isn’t already leveraged with another enterprise. There are so many really talented people out there in the blog land who would be perfect!

  2. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it. Sure Hollywood is looking for something to bring back it’s mojo. Let’s find the next big star and make a million. I just wrote a post on this very subject yesterday. Garden Rant just talked about Paul James and his foray from TV star to the internet.

    My advice to Patty or anyone else that gets this offer. Run as fast as you can, Hollywood is dead and the idea that they can “make” you a star is played. The action is not in Hollywood, it’s right here on the internet.

  3. My recommendation, hands down, for the upcoming television show is THERESA LOE, gardener, crafter, and chef extraodinaire, and the creator of the amazing website
    Not only has Theresa been gardening FOREVER (she developed new varieties of vegetables for baby platyosaurii during the Paleolithic period), but she’s a cook, crafter, home stylist, fun to be with mom, superstar daughter and wife, nuturer of all living things, including chickens, bees and kids–oh, now, I’m going on and on, but she truly is all these things. Plus she’s cute, outgoing, personable on and off camera, and never has a bad day (I just made that last one up).Before Michelle Obama, she created a terrific garden for her sons’ school, which was two years in the making. It was a huge success for parents, teachers, and especially the children.
    You can read about all her wonderful activities on her blog, which bears mentioning once again:
    Look also for Theresa’s many publications, including books, magazine articles, newspaper columns, videos, and more.
    Oh, I think her blood runs GREEN, her big, generous heart certainly is!
    An admiring fan,

  4. Peggy adds:
    Wow, it sounds like I’m Theresa’s best friend, or maybe her MOM even!
    The truth is, I’ve never even met her, just know her from her publications and website. But she has a way of making me feel like we are best friends–now that’s a real gift in this electronic age!

  5. I am not impressed with Garden Girl. Have seen the vids and feel they are amateurish. OK for Myspace but not mainstream.

    Also saw her goods at the IGC in Chicago last summer. All they are really selling is ad space on their video feed. Their product is secondary to the marketing of ads. Just like Etera. They tried to build a business around their short season perennial line and were out of stock nine months a year. Butthey insisted customers would fall through the portal to get to your store and buy things. Did not work.
    I have done significant radio and television and it is not anything like playing in the garden. Unless you like watering the same tree 25 times in a row to get the right shot forget it.

    The TROLL

  6. Wow. They give young people no credit at all. When I was young, the aging gang at PBS’s Victory Garden was fine by me. I didn’t need some hunky sex symbol, I needed someone to tell me how to get a garden in gear.

    I’d love to see the Washington Post’s Adrian Higgins and his gorgeous accent on TV, but, alas, such is the way of the TV world.

  7. I have to chime in a nominate John Lyons. I took one of his kitchen gardening classes at Descanso and he inspired me to rip out my back lawn and plant an organic edible garden.

    His wealth of knowledge and passion for true organic gardening is palpable the minute you meet him. In addition to teaching, he owns The Woven Garden ( and installs and maintains edible gardens. AND he has chickens at home.

  8. Has anybody heard of the urban homesteading family in Pasadena, CA? I have been inspired by what they are doing on only 1/5th acre. Their website is and on Earth Day, the Dervaes family video was featured on Oprah. I read their blog everyday and watched all their youtube videos and can’t think of more deserving folks.


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