Wicked Plants: Meet Them If You Dare.



I feel strongly that botanical gardens are about more than pretty scenery. A botanical garden is a living museum with a story to tell. I met the president of Brooklyn Botanic Garden a couple years ago and he was treated to a rant on this subject from me while we stood and looked around at the glorious Lily Pond Terrace Garden there at BBG.  I told him that I thought most people looked at plants in a garden and just saw undifferentiated greenery.  But plants are interesting because of their history. If you tell me that this is the plant that killed Socrates, and this is the plant that sickened members of Lewis and Clark's expedition–well now, you've got my attention!

I guess he understood what I was talking about, because two years later we've got this 'Wicked Plant' exhibit going on at BBG.

I'll be there on May 31 and July 25, and so will the artist, Briony Morrow-Cribbs.  Her art from the book will be on exhibit all summer, and she'll teach a drypoint etching workshop on July 25.  I'll give a talk on May 31, and we'll celebrate the opening of the art and plant exhibits together.

Get all the details here.  I think the events require pre-registration, so be sure to check that out.


  1. Any chance you will be coming to the DC area? I didn’t notice it on your tour schedule of the East Coast.

  2. Totally wish I could go to the exhibit. Maybe I’ll make it up there. When the box arrived from Amazon, I became official owner of all of your books. Awesome!

  3. Hooray Amy. I’ve sent people to Youtube to see your hilarious promo and I know some of them have bought the book which is fabulous. I’ve got a fabulous offer on my blog today, and I hope some of your readers will come along to see the Giveaway!

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