Addendum: Sorting out our governors and their gardens or the lack thereof



Just got home from the gardenblogger event in Chicago and find that I need to say a bit more about the previous post.

– I think it would be great if all governors had veg gardens, but the mission of Green the Grounds is to draw attention to all those other gardening issues, like lawn care that doesn't drain resources or kill our bays and lakes.  Like making landscapes more wildlife-friendly. 

– The Republican governors I was referring to are Ehrlich in Maryland, Taft in Ohio, and Sanford in South Carolina.  In the case of MD and OH, they're gone and the current Democratic governors have kept the changes intact. 

– A bit more about Ohio:  Because neither of the Stricklands are gardeners and Hope Taft had created such wonderful gardens, Frances Strickland appointed Taft to head the on-going direction of the gardens and in that role, she continues to crusade for the cause, especially for native plants.  Taft recently convinced the gang there in Columbus to become a supporting organization of Green the Grounds.

– It was a paper in NC that called for Gov. Perdue to grow food, not this blogger.

– While I'm at it, you saw Maryland's First Lady in the last post.  Now check out our governor, rock musician Martin O'Malley.  Y'all, I'll go out on a limb and just declare him America's Hottest Governor.  Til you prove me wrong.


  1. 1st Lady of Maryland Katie O’Malley is no slouch in the looks department either–plus she’s a JUDGE!

  2. Polititions are jaded. Obama is getting paid by oil companies to raise prices on gas. Appreciate and save money in your backyard.

  3. As an Ohioan and a gardener, I thought that was a nice move by Mrs. Strickland, to keep Hope Taft in charge of the governor’s mansion gardens. The only better move IMHO would have been for her to learn a little something from her predecessor in said gardens! 🙂

    (And yeah… your governor is pretty easy on the eyes, Susan!)

  4. I second your nomination of Martin O’Malley for Hottest Governor. I saw him play with O’Malley’s March back when he was still mayor of Baltimore and he was definitely swoon-worthy.

  5. It’s great that our governor Sanford has a green garden and is promoting green practices on state property, but that doesn’t make him a good person. He’s the worst governor our state has had in many decades and when his term is over, good riddance to bad rubbish.

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