The White House Garden’s “Greatest Achievement” gets a “Snap, son!”


In this second tour of the White House Kitchen Garden by Sam Kass, the tour-goer is Ryan Howard.  (Link to Howard info provided for our sports-ignorant readers – and this sports-ignorant blogger.)


  1. Where was the garden in that garden tour? Really, half a second of a shot of the garden? What are they hiding? I want to see the garden not some guys in suits talking about…what were they talking about?

  2. Layanee, if you click on that link to the first tour you’ll actually see the garden. “Guys in suits” – that’s funny! So star athletes and star chefs just don’t do it for you, huh?

  3. Jefferson was into gardening. He experimented in cross pollination.
    His food was as good as it is now in the Whitehouse. Century’s pass and it still is the same.

  4. Barbara, the guy giving the tour is chef/White House food initiative coordinator Sam Kass. He’s in charge of that garden. I don’t know why Ryan Howard is being given a tour, but who cares what prompted it?

  5. Susan: Too funny and no, not into any sports guys or cooks in suits. Don’t cooks belong in white jackets and tall hats? Thanks for the further info….Dah, guess I was rushing.

  6. I dont think either one of them knew a thing about gardening.Biocycler? Wonder what I could get if I traded in my compost bin.I’ll give you a 12×4 3 stage compost bin for a biocycler and a hive that will produce 100 pounds of honey.

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