Wallabies – yet another way to give up the Toro


First goats, now wallabies.  

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  1. If they’re going to feed them nothing but bread and grass clippings, they aren’t going to have healthy wallabies for very long! Kangaroo pellets would be much better, plus some carrots, lettuce, etc. And if they are paying $1500 for an albino animal, they are totally crazy! Albino = ultra-sensitive to sunlight so not suitable for a rough life outdoors cropping lawns. Get a goat!

    But they’re right on one thing — they are charming animals — gentle, confiding, a little shy with new people but affectionate when they get to know you.

  2. They’ll mow the lawn alright. Pay a visit to the Bunya Mountains, west of Brisbane in Queensland, and you’ll find beautifully manicured lawns solely maintained by a large herd of wild wallabies. Let them near a vegetable patch though, and the goats might look like a far more appealing option.

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