Gardening in a Thong? Ew. Seeing other people gardening in a thong? Double Ew.


I don't know what to make of this battle between two 50-something gardeners and their landlord.  Seems the Boulder, CO couple are nudists and enjoy gardening in their front yard wearing as little clothing as they can get away with – a thong each and pasties for the Mrs.  The law says as long as those genitals are covered, it's cool.  But back to the "ew" factor.  What do YOU think?

Here's the story.


  1. I suppose since we’re not a third world country, any excessive amount of exposed skin we see constitutes a degree of unacceptable social behavior. And yet, there’s gardeners in our country who use sexual innuendo to garner attention ( What’s the difference between the naked images we put in other peoples heads via metaphor, and the couple in Boulder who like to garden wearing nothing but the proverbial fig leaf? I say leave the Boulder couple alone. It don’t stay warm there very long anyway, they’ll be clothed again soon enough.

  2. OMG!!! That’s even worse than scungy old men getting their newspapers is underwear. Eww!! ewww!! ewww! I’m glad their not MY neighbors!

  3. Seems unconventional and a little odd but hardly a reason for eviction. I don’t think I’d want them living on my corner, but is it really worse than wearing a bikini? I guess it depends for me on how good they look.

    As for how it affects the children, go to a French beach sometime. The kids wear nothing at all, the adults very little, and no-one thinks French kids are maladjusted.

    (p.s. Elizabeth — I seem to be able to post again — thanks!)

  4. Is this ageism or lookism? If the neighbors were Brangelina, you could sell tickets. But since this couple is older and apparently not hot, it is a crime.

    Okay, I’m being a bit facetious. But, really, I see this as a pretty live-and-let-live issue.

    I think they compromised by covering the essential bits, after all their preference is to be full-on-nude, the neighbors should be happy this couple at least respects the letter of the law. They can trade me for the neighbors that let their dog bark all fricking day & night.

  5. What an education the local kids will have: a) in anatomy, and b) in the fact that it takes all kinds of people to make a world.

    Trying to think how I might feel if these were *my* neighbours, though. My best guess is that any concern I might have would be more about how they behave than how they dress.

  6. I’m with most of the other commentors. Folks, we’re all naked here, under our clothes. Get over it. I would rather have nudist neighbors than the much more common (alas) ones with constantly barking dogs, revving car engines, teen rock bands ‘practicing’ in their garages, late night partying, etc. At least these people are quiet!

  7. Its funny that its always about the kids. Have you seen the kids, they often run around nude. Its the adults that have the problem, but use their kids as a weapon to fight their own discomfort.

    I hope the nudists wear sunscreen.

  8. I use to have a scantily clad front yard sunbather living across the street from me.
    I called him ‘Tan Man’.
    I didn’t care for the look of the tattered chaise lounge being permanently set out on the front driveway but other than that, I couldn’t care less.

    There are a lot worse things that could be going on rather than nude sunbathing.

  9. Ooops. Our puritanical history is showing again! Are the neighbors hurting anyone–no. What’s so different from some of the bathing suits we see at the beach–nothing. Leave ’em alone.

  10. You know what more power too them! I would rather lay my eyes on someone gardening in the buff than the graphic images that they bombard us with on tv any day of the week. Let someone come into my yard and tell me what I can or can’t wear, boy would I ever let them have it! Live and let live folks and if you don’t like what you are looking at, don’t look!

  11. Personally, I think thongs, even when they’re worn under other clothing, are the silliest piece of clothing ever invented–well, maybe a close second to the codpiece. Completely naked would probably look so much better. So while my initial reaction to this story was “Ew!”, the commenters have brought me back to a more common sense reaction. The thing about living in urban and suburban areas is that occasionally our neighbors will make us go “Ew!” And that’s just the way it goes.

  12. I tend to garden in a bikini top and shorts. It’s hot outside, I like to tan, my plants don’t care and neither do my neighbors. And, honestly, I wouldn’t stop doing it even if they did care.

    We all have bodies and there is a big difference between being nude and being inappropriately sexual. It is high time people learned to differentiate the two.

  13. I tend to think this could put a real crimp in the choices of plants they could use in their exposed corner lot. I garden fully clothed and am constantly being stabbed, scraped, cut, bruised, poked and slimed with all kinds of juices from plants and insects. Last week I was stung on two separate occasions by the same wasp nest burrow. Imagine if the family jewels had been swinging loose.

    How many plants have thorns, spiny leaf margins, irritating hairs or caustic sap? There is already enough to consider when buying the right plant for a specific site. Now you have to add in, I garden almost naked. I wouldn’t want to accidentally squat down and sit on that.

    What about using any kind of garden chemical or fertilizer be it organic or petro-chemical. The skin is a highly absorptive surface.

    I’m sorry but it just sounds stupid and a little hard to believe they are out there on an exposed corner lot claiming to be gardening. Puttering maybe, but not real gardening.

  14. I love it when people push the boundaries of social mores. Good for them! Still, I’m trying to picture any of my neighbors working in their yards nearly nude, and folks, it ain’t pretty.

  15. My neighbors can do what they want. If I don’t like it I’ll plant something or put up a fence to block the view. We all pay property taxes.

  16. Gardening in the nude (really gardening) just seems silly.

    Years ago I had some much more interesting neighbors a couple of doors down – a pair of identical twins and a husband. The 3 of them lived together and gardened together. (They gardened fully clothed and the identical twins always dressed identically.) Every time I drove by and saw the three of them out gardening, I couldn’t help but wonder all kinds of inappropriate things… But I never found out.

  17. I wonder if they might be interested in starting up a blog, “Naked or almost naked gardening the pros and cons”. …lol

  18. Gardening nude doesn’t bother me aesthetically or morally. As for kids, if they saw older people in the nude they might consider their own appearance in a new way. However, I just spent a hot humid day in long pants, flannel shirt and gauntleted leather gloves to fight nettles and thorny roses. I guess the offending couple only have polite plants, and no blacberries or raspberries in their gardenl

  19. Better to see nekkid people tending to their little piece of earth than to see fully clothed ones totally ignore theirs. We are way too uptight about our bodies…and the bodies of others. Get over it!

  20. Seems like the kids in this country get their idea of what a body looks like from magazines and the Internet. Even in the all-women locker room of my neighborhood Y, everyone covers up (well, the Europeans don’t ;->). Meanwhile, a lot of young women have eating disorders. It might be a refreshing dose of reality to see the body of a 50+ person.
    That said, I myself cover up with long sleaves and long pants when I garden and can’t quite imagine doing that particular activity in the nude.

  21. I’m thinkin’ about bug bites, sunburn and where on earth does one put tools without a belt, waistband or pockets?

  22. I keep thinking about nettles
    and mosquitoes
    and thorns
    and the poison ivy you don’t see until it’s all over your…um…bare spots.
    It just seems totally impractical and even ridiculous.

    As for being their neighbor…I don’t enjoy seeing any neighbor up close and personal when I wish to be “alone” in my own garden…so I’d build a tall hedge or install and handsome fence cuz thongs make me really uncomfortable thinking about how they must feel…it would be easier seeing them with nothing on.

  23. I’m with Christopher C NC and commonweeder. In my neighborhood, the poison ivy, mosquitos, deer ticks and thorns would drive you to put some clothes on.

    And that’s just in the shade. There’s nothing like sitting on a sunburn to make you wish you had dressed in the first place.

    I’m guessing our thong-wearing gardeners aren’t beekeepers, either.

  24. As a local, I’d say this story is about as classic Boulder as you can get. (Only story more classic was the falling tree two weeks ago that managed to hit TWO pale green Priuses as they were passing on the road.)

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