Overkill in banning plants?



In all honesty, you sound better than Ken who, while so
knowledgeable, has a voice which puts me to sleep.  You have energy!  I am
formulating my response to 'natives only- not in my garden, I don't
discriminate' and there is a good article in Eliz's magazine which was written
by Sally Cunningham.  Must read that first before writing.

 I was in a
garden center yesterday and the owner  told me that an Agriculture Sheriff came
in to tell him to stop selling barberry.  It is on the invasive list. Growers
have told me that only the species is invasive and that there is rarely any
re-seeding from cultivars.  Just though you would want to know that the Plant
Police are out.  Can provide the garden center if you want to make a call and

I'll check out the addendum and noticed that 'The Troll'
commented on Eliz's 'Rant' this a.m.  He was nice this time.  LOL

Must get back to work.

From the 'in person but never on a blog' ranter,