Sustainable Gardening Newsletter June 2009


GardenRant version.  The whole newsletter is available here.

In the News 

  • The popularity of tree-climbing is growing within eco-tourism circles, and according to this article, it’s considered "slow travel".  Well, sure, but not if you’re flying off to Brazil to do it.

  • Have you heard about the new water footprint for food? There’s no footprint yet for ornamental plants, but it may come next.

  • Food
    writer Eric Schlosser says he’d rather eat a conventionally grown
    tomato harvested by well treated workers than an heirloom picked by
    oppressed workers.  Boy, that’s stirring the pot!  And this article calls the "organic" label  merely "quaint packaging"!

On the Sustainable Gardening Blog

  • Topics ranged from Michelle O's Veg Garden to sustainability and somehow got us laughing, as described here in Fun with Ken Druse

Coming Up

    I’m off to Los Angeles!  I get to see family – it’s wedding bells for my nephew – AND such gardening buddies as Shirley Bovshow and (I hope) Debra Prinzing.  Also Huntington Garden.  I damn well better  pack my camera battery charger this time (mistake made in Chicago.)

Photo of iconic Adirondack chair at Swarthmore College by Becky Roberts.


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