The Do-It Yourself Tree Rose Experiment Continues



It's year two in my quest to bypass the military-rosarian complex and make my own non-grafted tree roses.  Souvenir du Docteur Jamain was the first to receive this experimental treatment.  Dr. Jamain is currently looking almost Queen-of-Hearts-worthy, with his small, very flat and very velvety red roses alternating around the staked stem.  The real test will be if the single cane tied to the bamboo survives another winter.


  1. Michele,
    I bought into the military-rosarian complex and had a grafted rose standard I could enjoy immediately and has lasted through its first winter (I was nervous, they seem so delicate). It’s blooming profusely now and enjoys the center of my vegetable potager. In another month it’ll serve as a way station for Japanese beetles as they devour the neighborhood, but for now it’s a source of beauty and pride. Good luck with yours.

  2. I have had success with severely pruning a Knockout to tree form. The main stem is very strong and the flowers bloom all season.

  3. Commonweeder, I’m in Zone 5 here in Saratoga Springs, albeit an urban, sheltered Zone 5.

    What about trying one of the tough old once-bloomers? A tall Alba maybe like Madame Plantier or Alba Maxima? Or flinging the dice on something really spectacular, like the Gallica Charles de Mills?

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