And Now This: Monkey Plant Theft


Thanks to Can U Dig It for tipping us off to this important news story. A garden center in Richardson, Texas caught a plant thief on surveillance video–and it was a monkey! The chimp was seen hopping the fence, grabbing plants and accessories, and handing them to an unseen accomplice (a zebra, perhaps, or an elephant) on the other side of the fence.

The owners were too amused to press charges.

And there's video.


  1. Friendly correction: chimps are not monkeys, but apes. The animal in the picture is a monkey. Now, my devious mind went here: someone trained their pet to steal the plants–the monkey was seen to be handing them to someone/something on the other side. Devious!

  2. On my screen I can barely make out the culprit but the newscaster makes the comment that it looks like a lemur to him. Not an ape nor a monkey, but a thief is still a thief.

  3. Unless this monkey was a highly trained horticulturalist flinging choice plants over the fence it just seems so not worth it. I mean what is there likely to be most of, petunias and hanging baskets? Big whoop.

  4. Actually, a pretty smart move on the part of the garden center to not take legal action. With all this attention somebody somewhere will know the pet owner and blab about it. Humiliation without having to pay a lawyer or deal with city hall – a win win. The poop is gonna fly!

  5. One wonders if the Aloe pillansii that disappeared from San Diego’s Balboa Park was taken by an ape or chimp.

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