Before and After in the Garden of Shirley Bovshow

*Vining Edibles used architecturally for edible shade growing up columns: Chayote squash, Chinese red long beans, grapes, hops, Persian cucumbers, Crenshaw melons.

Heirloom tomatoes:
different kinds

Focal Point edible
"Purple Romanga" artichokes,
"Rosa Bianca" white
"Shishito" Japanese
peppers, Jalapeno
peppers, Bell peppers, Scallop
squash, Blueberries

Leafy Vegetables and
Red Shiso (Asian
cuisine), Arugula,Basil (Thai, Lemon,
Italian), Mesculin
mix, Cilantro, Fennel, Tarragon,Greek
Thyme, Mustard
Parsley, Chocolate
mint, Swiss
chard, Rosemary,Bunching

Fruit Trees
(Either dwarfs, espaliered, or specially grafted
to save space): Apple (including one that's 6 grafted varieties in one),"Pluot/Peach/Nectarine/Apricot/Plum" (special
grafted 5 varieties), Olive, Pomegranate (Wonderful and Nana), Strawberry
Guavas, Citron (Buddha's Hand), Meyer lemon
shrubs, Clementine, Oro Blanco
grapefruit, Mandarin, Nagami
Kumquat, Calamondin, Mexican
Lime, Fig


  1. A wonderful and insightful post . I greatly enjoyed the video too !

    Shirley is one of those landscape designers that understands the importance of engaging people into the garden.
    She seamlessly blends the inner home with the outside home providing both a practical usable space with uncompromised aesthetic appeal.
    She’s used her wide ranging knowledge of plants to create an ecology that speaks to the genus loci of the site while providing a sanctuary for her family and friends.
    This is what good design is all about, – Creating an enduring relationship with their home and garden.

  2. What a garden! I am happy to hear that you fit in some ‘garden therapy’ during your wedding weekend. Great job on the video. I think it is a much better way to view a garden than still pictures. More of a sense of space emerges.

    Did that black T shirt you were wearing have rhinestones? Hmmmmm….looked familiar.

  3. Sigh. Here’s the cynic, weighing in.

    It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have some money to throw at a project.

    (can you tell I’m getting tired of being underemployed… ?)

    On the other hand, that’s a FANTASTIC portfolio piece. Beautiful work!

  4. Hi Susan and Rant friends-
    thanks for taking a look at the before and after photos of my garden makeover. As you can imagine, I’m very happy with it in light of the fact that I lived in my home for 14 years before I ever touched it! And I’m a garden design professional!

    Jenn: Yes, when I added everything up- it was an expensive project. That said, I worked on the project for 4.5 years and saved money on :

    1.Design fee
    4. Plants

    I will have to do a post on how I designed my “granite looking counter” with my son’s marble collection and stained concrete, how I created expensive looking antique hardware with paint and acid, how I created the stone pilasters with recycled brick from my driveway and much more.

    It gives me a lot of joy to design “expensive looking” landscapes for my clients who don’t have unlimited budgets. It’s all in the design and “out of the box” construction techniques that are used.

    Check out this “narrow side yard” makeover I did for a client using mostly all, inexpensive recycled materials. Some of the materials were even free!

    Thanks again for your time.
    Shirley Bovshow

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