Behind the Scenes at the White House Kitchen Garden


DGardenshotWaPo Don't miss Jane Black's great story about the strategy and laser-like focus behind Michelle Obama's kitchen garden and how it fits into her whole health and nutrition campaign.

Black mentions some competing demands/requests on our First Lady to expand her focus – to promote localism and farm-to-school programs – but doesn't mention my own guilt in pestering her to expand the kitchen garden mission to include making sure the care of those 18 acres is helping, not hurting, our beloved Chesapeake Bay, among other environmental concerns.

But DO read it to get a glimpse of what's in store, including something I (along with many others, I'm sure) have suggested – putting some of their garden-to-table recipes online (not necessarily in a blog as I suggested, but why not?)  All this exciting stuff is just what you get when you hire an experienced food and nutrition activist to move to DC and head this thing up.

WaPo reporter Black is also the best source for what's happening with the new People's Garden at the Ag Department Headquarters.  This story filled in lots of details for this blogger.